Types of Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic garage door is a system preffered in workplaces and residences with its great advantages. Automatic garage doors, which are different from automatic shutter systems, have a high working capacity. They are preferred especially in buildings where vehicle capacity and daily use numbers are high.

If your car park is used by two or three vehicles and your daily entry and exit numbers are low, automatic shutters may be a better option for you. In general, this option is preferred in residences such as villas, where 4-5 usage per day are executed.

All automatic garage door systems offer users the comfort of opening and closing the door via the automatic garage door controller without getting out of the vehicle. In addition, there is a manual opening system against power cuts. The automatic garage door, which protects your vehicle from external factors, also offers great security advantages. Automatic garage systems, which are painted in the color you wish after production, offer great aesthetic appearance for your residence and workplace.

The motor type of automatic garage door systems are chosen by our expert team according to the frequency of usage and the weight of the garage door. These high-capacity motors work silently and do not cause noise in residential and office areas.

Automatic garage door types have two different: Steel and aluminum. You can choose one of these two options according to your needs and budget.

Automatic steel garage door

Automatic steel garage door systems are produced from galvanized steel profiles. Profiles specially produced according to the dimensions of the area are resistant to explosive and flammable materials.

Steel rolling garage doors are also a great choice with their ability to be mounted behind or between walls. This type of garage door, which has chain opening-closing systems for emergencies, is wind resistant up to 140 km per hour.

Automatic aluminum garage door

Automatic aluminum garage door systems come with a slim and elegant appearance provided by aluminum. Extremely safe aluminum garage doors are resistant to burglary, flammable and explosive effects. It protects your car in the parking lot against cold or hot weather, natural factors such as rain and snow.

Automatic polyurethane aluminum garage door is a recommended product when extra security and insulation are required.

Automatic garage door prices

Automatic garage door prices vary according to the dimensions of the area to be applied, vehicle capacity and passage density. The preferred material also has an effect on the price. You can choose the most suitable automatic garage door for your budget by getting a price offer after the free discovery by our expert teams.

The automatic garage doors produced for you are installed by our expert team and you will be able to use it for many years without any problems.