Automatic Garage Door

Perfect solution for entrances and exits of shopping malls, parking lots, sites, apartments, villas and indoor parking lots.

It can be openned easily with the remote control without getting out of your vehicle.

It ensures the safety of your vehicle and protects it from seasonal external factors.

Automatic garage doors are manufactured from galvanized steel, micro-perforated, polyurethane steel, pressed aluminum, windowed aluminum, polyurethane aluminum profiles.

The motor types used with the automatic garage door are high-capacity, quiet and long-lasting.

It has an manual opening system option in case of power cuts. Optionally, a power supply can be installed.

The automatic remote control has a rolling code.

It is painted with electrostatic oven paint with unlimited color options in RAL code.

It excludes the humidity of the outdoor environment, strong wind and rain.

It has sound insulation and isolation.

Category: Automatic Garage Door Systems