Automatic Steel Shutter

Automatic shutters suitable for all modern architectural solutions that reflect prestige and comfort in Stores, Banks, Workplaces, Offices, Shopping Centers, Industrial Facilities, Public Transport Facilities, Markets, Restaurants, Cultural Centers. Galvanized steel, micro-perforated, windowed steel, polyurethane-filled steel profiles.

We have the micro-perforated and windowed type profile options for transparent showcases, so you can display your products safely even your workplace is closed. The engine type and power used in automatic shutters are suitable for long years of usage.

The automatic shutter remote control has a rolling code. You can also have them in a system with a switch key and a button. There is a also a manual opening system in case of power cuts.

Protection from explosive flammable materials in theft attack attempts. It leaves out the heavy rain and Humidity of the outdoor environment. It has sound insulation and insulation. It is long lasting and robust. It has unlimited colors and options in RAL code and is painted with electrostatic powder oven paint. It can be applied in any width and size.

It is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing and assembly faults.

Automatic shutter assembly is done by experienced our expert teams.

Category: Automatic Steel Shutter Systems