Automatic Double Walled Shutter

Double walled galvanized rock wool filled shutters

Double walled doors designed for food facilities, cold storage rooms, special areas where thermal insulation or sound insulation is required. Consisting of a shutter panel furnished with 40 kg/m³ density rock wool. It is the best alternative product for polyurethane filled shutters.

Rock wool filling is the best material preferred for insulation in the industry and its heat and sound insulation value is higher than steel polyurethane filler.

Ral paint is available in desired size and color.


  • Reduction in Energy Costs,
  • Comfortable Working Environment,
  • Noise and Sound Reduction,
  • Protecting Chilled Areas,
  • Fire Resistance Feature,
  • Low maintenance,
  • Heat Control,
  • High Efficiency,
  • Increased Security.

Category: Automatic Steel Shutter Systems