Automatic Polyurethane Steel Shutter

Polyurethane Filled Steel Shutters are the most aesthetic automatic door solution you can use for heat, sound insulation and security. In modern architecture and residences, Polyurethane filled steel shutter applications are gaining importance in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. In addition to polyurethane-filled steel panels, it offers an extremely long-lasting use with industrial type, hollow, extrusion profiles and reinforced panels that increase the durability of steel shutters against impacts and wind.

Profiles used for heat-insulated automatic steel shutters are produced by roll forming method. Different profile types can be applied according to the dimensions of the shutter. Polyurethane-filled steel shutters are the most ideal solution for workplaces, warehouses and markets where heat isolation is important.

Polyurethane-filled steel shutters profiles are specially produced according to customer’s requests. They are suitable for all sizes. The are comfortable and safe to use, and resistant to explosive and flammable materials and securely protect your establishment. Polyurethane Filled Steel Shutters are painted with electrostatic powder paint (oven paint), and you can choose the color of the shutters from the RAL catalog. The motor types used in automatic steel shutters are high-capacity, quiet and long-lasting.

The installation of Polyurethane Filled Steel Shutters are done by experienced assembly operators working within KCC AUTOMATIC SHUTTER. All types of shutters that we install are under the guarantee of our company for 2 years against workmanship and installation faults.

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